Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sub prime home loans are unconventional home loan rate and price leader for the Phoenix Metropolitan area and has been for years. In a business environment where the lowest price usually means an inferior product or service, the mortgage or home loan industry is different.  Almost all conventional home loans are underwritten to be sold in secondary money markets through either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  These quasi-government entities require strict compliance to federal home loan lending regulations.  So each lender’s 30 year fixed conforming loan is the same as the next.

So here is the all-important question that you need to ask before you refinance or purchase your home.
What sets one home loan lender in Phoenix apart from any other home loan lender in Phoenix?

The answer: The interest rate you get along with how much you are charged in fees, origination, discount points, underwriting, etc., to get that home loan and then how well you are taken care of during the home loan process. The rate you get and the fees you pay from one lender to another can vary drastically and literally means thousands of dollars to you, either at the closing, or over the life of the loan in the interest you pay.

It is obviously a very frustrating process jumping through those government regulation hoops, having to gather together your financial documents and then to disclose your financial situation with a stranger.  That is why we have included some of the many testimonials we have received from people just like you.  You get a local contact, with decades of experience, to help you through the home loan process.  You will be treated with courtesy and confidentiality and get the best interest rate and terms available anywhere in Phoenix.  That’s our promise.


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